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Since Crile Industries opened in 1983, the vision of our founder has been to continually improve and expand to meet the needs of our customers.  We have had the opportunity to fill niche markets such as the drilling industry with Long Stroke Feed, High Capacity Press, and Large Boom Extension Cylinders.  We are a one-stop-shop, providing repair and manufacturing capabilities for all hydraulic and mechanical devices and components, some of which no longer have OEM Support.  With our in-house capabilities (to turn, grind, mill, drill, press, torque, burn, weld, saw, crimp, lift, test, flare, and paint), we are able to perform jobs with complete control of quality and scheduling.  Some past endeavors include prototype design and manufacturing of track vehicles and robotic arms, as well as repairing equipment using specialized and unconventional methods.  Whether the job involves an obsolete pump, a bent cylinder rod, an unavailable hard line, or a production run of parts– we have the experience, expertise and capacity to offer a solution.